Open Positions

We are seeking for ambitious individuals with interests in photonics and optics to study/work in the photonics lab at University of Kent. Opportunities exist for undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doc fellow and visiting scholars. Interested candidates should read the following.

Funded PhD Positions Available Immediately !

A funded PhD student position, starting from September 2018, is immediately available in the Communications Research Group at the University of Kent. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Chao Wang. Further information can be found in this page.


Study Opportunities for Graduate Students

Exciting study opportunities are available for graduate (PhD and Master) students. Candidates with various educational and research backgrounds such as electrical engineering, phyics, biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering are welcome to apply. Backgrounds in photonics/optics would be a plus. Prospective students can work on a number of interesting projects. Proposals from students are also very welcome. Interested candidates should send a brief email along with an updated CV to Dr Chao Wang. Information about postgraduate programs in the School of Engineering and Digitial Arts at the University of Kent and how to apply can be found here.

Competitive Scholarships and RA-ships are available for outstanding candidates. Students are highly encouraged to apply for a scholarship to assist with tuition fees. Some funding opportunities from the University of Kent are available for students seeking financial support.

Research Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows

Research opportunities are available for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows with good academic records and effective communication skills. Please go to the Research page for the details of our ongoing projects.The candiate should have a Ph.D degree in physical sciences, electrical engineering, or cognate discipline. Candidates with backgrounds in microwave photonics, biophotonics, optical communications and signal processing are especially encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should send a brief email along with an updated CV to Dr Chao Wang.

Please note that interested candidates are encouraged to apply for funds to help support their research activities. The following is a short list of funding opportunities. More information can be found from University Kent's Postdoctoral Fellowships page.

Engineering Projects for Final Year Undergraduate Students

Interesting engineering projects are available for the final year undergraduate students from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts. More details of the projects can be found in this page.

Visiting Scholars

We welcome visiting scholars/students from any country to join our team for short-term/long-term visit. Please contact Dr Chao Wang for more details.