Photonics Lab, University of Kent:

The Photonics Lab in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, the University of Kent has been at the forefront of research on radio, microwave and millimetre-wave over fibre systems for the last 20 years. Among notable achievements have been: first use of optical filtering for subcarrier demodulation; first demonstration of optical generation of low-noise millimetre-wave signals by phase-locking modes of a dual-longitudinal-mode semiconductor laser. The research strength in the microwave photonics area has been recognised by invitations to join EU Networks of Excellence and the current UK Photonics Network UNISON. The research activities have been well funded by the European Commission, UK research councils and charitable foundations. For example, the lab was/is involved with European Commission projects ISIS, FUTON, OPTOSAT. The lab has established strong connection with industry partners, such as JDSU, EE, Hitachi, Global Invacom.

The Photonics Lab is currently exploring new research opportunities in interdisciplinary areas of microwave photonics (high-speed photonic microwave signal measurement and processing) and biophotonics (ultrafast optical imaging for high-throughput screening of cancer cells in blood). The Photonics lab is well equipped for all aspects of modern optical communications research. The University of Kent has recently made significant investment in the Photonics Lab via purchase of new cutting-edge equipment. Its facilities can be viewed from this page.

Current academic staffs include Prof. Nathan Gomes and Dr Chao Wang. If you are looking for a partner in relevant areas, please contact us!